My name is Arnald SAXONARA, I am a musician and saxophonist at events, weddings and playing concerts, below I tell you about my career

I was born in 1990 👶 and began my music studies when I was 7 years old, initially playing the piano 🎹 and following the formal training of the regular Music Schools. As time went by, and as my music tastes evolved, I put aside the piano to focus on the study of modern music, this time as a guitarist 🎸 and already participating in bands and playing live. A few years later, as a teenager, I started with the saxophone 🎷 as a second instrument, but it quickly took center stage, relegating the guitar to the background. It is with the saxophone that I do my studies at the Conservatory.

Along with my music studies I also graduated in Business Administration and Management 📈 from the University of Lleida (Spain) and Center College, Kentucky, United States 🇺🇸, where I studied a mix of subjects in liberal education ranging from Jazz and Music to Finance and Economics.

In 2013 I returned from the United States to Europe, it was a time of readaptation, where I joined as a saxophonist in funk-disco, rockabilly and jazz bands, always restless to play and learn from different styles, and looking for a way to book my projects at concerts and events. At this time I also continued my training as a musician in academies.

Already in 2015 I moved to Puerto Rico 🇵🇷, settling in its capital, San Juan. It is there where I begin to become familiar with all the traditional music of the country, specially Salsa, Bomba, Rumba and Plena. In Puerto Rico I formed my group with musicians from the Puerto Rico Conservatory of Music, performing in such iconic places as the stage in the La Perla neighborhood, in Old San Juan, the same stage where the legendary Puerto Rican band Calle 13 performed after being awarded with Latin Grammy awards.

Upon returning from Puerto Rico, and after a brief lethargy in Argentina 🇦🇷, I settled back in Europe and started SAXONARA, my biggest project so far and to which I dedicate all my time and energy.

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SAXONARA is the best saxophonist for weddings and events
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House, Jazz, Electronic, Pop & Dance

Professional saxophonist

Since 2015

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Barcelona, Madrid, London, Ibiza


Parties, Corporate, Grand Openings


Ceremony, Reception, First Dance, DJ Party

Saxophonist for weddings

Everyday more more couples are asking me to play live music at their wedding, the saxophone is a very versatile instrument and if you want a saxophonist at your wedding, email me and I will inform you.

Find out more about the services I offer as a saxophonist for weddings, as well as all the details about the most requested moments such as the Ceremony, the Cocktails or the Party DJ & SAX. I will also show you videos and examples that will help you choose the music for your wedding. Do not forget to consult me for the repertoire, I will create the musical set on request for your wedding.

Saxofonista per a bodes a la Cerimònia de boda

Wedding Ceremony

The best ballads and solemn music for moments like the walk down the aisle, the rings or other moments of the wedding ceremony. Inspire yourself with my repertoire.

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Música a l'aperitoi de boda amb saxofonista

Wedding reception

Would you like a Jazz-style appetizer, singing and playing saxophone, or do you prefer House-Ibiza style? I adapt my music to your preferences, always with the best attitude and elegance.

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Saxofonista i DJ a Festa de boda

Party with the DJ

I work with the DJ of your choice, I provide my music and wireless microphone, to jump on the dance floor and cheer up the party. Do not miss my show with LED saxophone.

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