DJ & SAX Combo

Our DJ & SAX Fusion will match your event, from a wedding party to a corporate event or cocktails and Pool Parties.

The saxophone sounds is the perfect parter for a live music show with electronic music, from Lounge Music or Chill-Out to unique Club parties, with electronic sax, or a Wedding Party with SAXONARA cheering-up everyone and playing live music.

Our DJ & SAX Combo is open to working with more musicians like Bongo Players or Violinists who will make your event stand out. DJ, Sax and Bongos is an amazing choice for a Wedding Party. Also the DJ, Sax & Electronic Violinwith LED lights is a great choice for live music..

Get in touch with us for availability and prices. We work all over Euorpe and abroad, traveling from Barcelona mostly.

DJ and electronic saxophonist band at parties and events.

House, Electronic, Pop & Dance


Since 2015

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Anywhere! From Barcelona, Europe


Parties, Business Events and more


Cocktail & Wedding Party

DJ & Electronic Sax

These are some of our favorite photos at DJ & SAX Parties, also working with more musicians open format, as DJ, Sax & Bongos or Sax & Violin Duo, you will find more photos and videos by searching SAXONARA on Instagram or YouTube.

Live music for events

The perfect live band for your event, combining DJ mixes and live saxophone, a power combo, elegant and uplifting to make your event stand out, available at business events, weddings or any idea you may have!

Chill-Out / Lounge

If you're planning an event and want live music you an count on our DJ & Sax Combo, we are easily adaptable thanks to the reliable DJ mixes and the hype a live saxophone music will give to your event, being able to adapt to each moment.

Pool Party

My favorite choice for a DJ & Sax show is a pool party, mixing live Ibiza music, entertaining and creating the Nikki Beach Saxophonist vibes at your Pool Party.

The best party band

An open format with live music for corporate events and wedding parties, matching your vibes and style, looking elegant and an entertainer / saxophonist playing and sheering up from the dance floor, everyone will remember how much fun it was!.

DJ and Sax Combo for parties, events and weddings

Saxophonist, Violin and Percussion

Sax & Percussion

Playing with the DJ, the Sax & Bongos combo will cheer-up the party with the extra live drums and the energy of an electronic saxophone, a music fusion that's perfect for weddings and events.

Violin & Sax Fusion

We arrange the most uplifting sets so you just dance, a DJ band with live saxophone and electronic violin will make your party stand out, specially with the Led lights on the violin.

Business Events

Our live music band is available for business events, wedding parties and more. Ask for prices and availability.