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Hello! My name is Arnald and I get to travel alot with my saxophone, being usually hired for weddings and special events alover Europe, mostly playing in Barcelona, Ibiza, London, Mallorca, South of France, and more. I'm a professional saxophone player, this means that I play for a living and that if you hire me for a show I'll be full time for it so the show goes perfectly. Since I started I've been playing saxophone in boat parties, yachtes, openings, discos, together with the best DJs, gorgeous weddings and VIP events.

I play all kinds of music, mostly on my tenor saxophone, but you can also see me play soprano sax. My customers usually ask me to play commercial and danceable music, together with House music, depending on the event. In weddings and ceremonies I play only what customers request, learning new songs that will sound lovely on saxophone

When I go to an event I always bring my wireless mic with me, so I get to dance with the guests or move around the area, I also need to connect my equipment to the speakers available at the venue, it's easy and I'll take care of it by calling the staff in advance. Call me or send me an email and book you day!

Saxofonista para boda, camino al altar
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Barcelona - Ibiza

Events & Weddings

Professional saxophone player, Solo & DJ

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Mallorca, London, Ibiza, Barcelona

Professional saxophonist

SInce 2015


Pop, Jazz, Chill-out & Dance


Do you want to hire the best live music for your cocktail event or party? Live music will give your event the exclusivity and elegance you are want.
As a saxophone player I'll adapt to your event, creating a unique setlist that adapts to the event. Imagine a catwalk, with top models showing the best designs and live music on saxophone or a corporate meeting with smooth jazz music, these are just a couple of examples of the ways I can adapt to make your event stand out.


Ceremony, cocktail & DJ

As a saxophone player being hired for a wedding I'll be working hard to create the perfect atmosphere by playing my saxophone live at such a unique day. I'll be playing the most romantic music while you walk down the aisle and other moments of the ceremony. At the cocktail the music will be much different, a more chill-out modern approach, or turning it into a disco party together with the DJ. Keep in mind that the music for your wedding day is totally up to you, this means that you can make as meany requests as you wish, and if you wonder if I can play a song, please ask, I'll be happy to play it on saxophone for you.

My name is Arnald and I'm the professional saxophone player at Sax on Ara, get in touch with me to book your day as soon as possible! As a wedding saxophonist I've been playing in so many different places that I can't event count them, but usually you'll see me play saxophone in Palma de Mallorca, Ibiza, Barcelona, Madrid, London, Cannes, South of France or Monaco.


Weddings are a big part of what I do on saxophone in Sax on Ara, for this there's a large list of customers and reviews all over the internet that can tell you to trust in Sax on Ara for an event like your wedding day. I've already worked with alot of wedding venues so I know how most of them work and I arrange things easily and professionaly with staff at the venue before the wedding day. See the reviews I got in places like Ibiza, Barcelona, London, Palma de Mallorca, Cannes or Monaco.
Under request, I also can provide other musicians like a violinist and DJ that can play along with me or at some moments in the show. Myself I also DJ when I'm not playing saxophone, depending on what poing we are in the party.
Get in touch with us at Sax on Ara if you want to hire live music on violin or saxophone together with a DJ, it's all scalable depending on your needs.


Thinking avout hiring a professional saxophone player for your event? Here you some answeres to the frequent asked questions we get.
Keep in mind that We are available if you have any doubt or inquiry.

I'll travel to get to your place, whether it's just a few miles or I have to take a plane, it doesn't matter, I'll prepare a quotation just for you and I'll try to keep it within your budget possibilites. When I travel by plane I usually take off from Barcelona since Barcelona and Ibiza is where I'm based depending on the time of the year.
The setlist changes depending on the event and the duration does aswell, I can play saxophone on just one song like a walk down the aisle or I can play different sets and DJ in between, it all depends on your needs. The songs I'm going to play and the duration of the show will have to be discussed in advance because the quotation will depend on it, but the point here is that I'm flexible.
To do my show I just need to connect my saxophone wireless microphone to the sound board and my computer from where I play, I usually bring my own sound board to (please ask in advance). Usually the sound equipment at the venue is enough to deliver a quality saxophone show, like in a wedding ceremony by the sea in Ibiza, where I usually use the same equipment they have for the wedding. In order to have everything ready for the shoe I will call the staff at the venue so everything is ready.
The price will vary depending on your needs and where the venue is located, I always try to adjust as much as I can to your budget but please get in touch with me so we can discuss. To book the day I always ask 25% in advance.
I'm a very versatile saxophone player and I can play all kinds of music, usually on high quality backing tracks. If you request a song that I haven't played yet, which may happen, I'll learn it, specially at weddings where the ceremony always requires to learn specific songs on saxophone for moments like when the bride walks down the aisle.


As a saxophone player I've been playing in hundreds of different venues and types of events, here you have a little description from a few of them, I hope this helps you to picture your event with a live saxophone player, being it a wedding, corporate event, cocktail party, opening, disco or else.

Eventos con saxofonista en el Hotel Meliá de Sitges, Barcelona.

Hotel Meliá in Sitges, Barcelona

Event with live saxophone player at Hotel Meliá in Sitges, Barcelona. Music with Sax on Ara, live saxophonist for an esclusive or corporate. Read the full blog entry.

Saxophonist for events in Madrid, playing at Jardín de la Máquina

El Jardín de la Máquina, Madrid

Saxophone player for events at El Jardín de la Máquina, Madrid. Read the note about the event where I played live saxophone in Madrid for a birthday party together with a DJ.

Wedding with saxophone player at Pla del Bosc, Lleida

Pla del Bosc, Bellpuig

Wedding at Pla Del Bosc, Bellpuig, Lleida. A folk wedding in Catalonia, see what Pla del Bosc has to offer.

Boda con saxofonista en el Hotel Sant Bernat del Montseny, Barcelona

Hotel Sant Bernat, Montseny

Wedding at Hotel HUSA Sant Bernat, placed at the top of the Montseny mountaing, in Barcelona. Are you dreaming of getting married surrounded by nature? Read the full note of this wedding at Montseny Natural Park, just an hour away from Barcelona.

Wedding with saxophonist at Masia Can Magí, Barcelona

Masia Can Magí, Sant Cugat

Wedding cocktail and banquet with live saxophone music at Masia Can Magí, Sant Cugat, Barcelona. An amazing catalan country house turned into the perfect place for a weedding or special event, together with the delights by Catering Sensacions and Flors Amèlia flowers.

Wedding cocktail with Sax on Ara at Palau de Margalef, Catalonia

Palau de Margalef, Lleida

Ceremony at church of Sant Llorenç, Lleida, and wedding cocktail cocktail at Palau de Margalef. Religious ceremony and open-air cocktail.

Weddings & special eventosBodas y momentos especiales

A unique event like a wedding is forever, put live music to it hiring a saxophone player to create the perfect atmosphere, whether it's the ceremony, the cocktail o the disco.

Saxophone player & DJ

I adapt to my customers' needs, available for booking as a solo saxophonist playing on backing tracks, with a live violin for the perfect wedding ceremony or with a DJ for the perfect party.

Pop, Chill-Out & House

A saxophonist playing chill-out music and a cocktail is the perfect convination for a relaxed corporate event or an exclusive luxury event, enjoy the music and the atmosphere.


Reed the reviews our customers have left Sax on Ara all over the internet, they hired me as a saxophone player sometimes without event knowing me and they all have had a wonderful experience. Look me up as Sax on Ara on social media if you want to reed more reviews or you want to get to know me better.
Sax on Ara, the professional saxophone player for you event or wedding.

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